Hethersett's Hedgehogs.

Just a few decades ago there were more than 30 million hedgehogs in Britain busily trundling along at night eating slugs and insects but now there are less than a million and before long there could be none left. The hedgerows from which they get their name have been removed to make vast fields and the garden hedges they could easily get through are now solid wooden fences. There has been a huge rise in house building in Hethersett making things even harder for the hedgehog but with just a small effort the trend can be reversed.

We can make Hethersett hedgehog friendly. All it takes is for people to cut a small gap the size of a CD case at the bottom of each garden fence and a highway is created and for everyone to put out a dish of water each night. We have been in the middle of a drought and it is unseasonably hot, so water is vital for survival. An extra bit of meat based dog or cat food would also be greatly appreciated by our prickly friends. Take care when using the mower or trimmer. If you see an injured or sick hedgehog please do not ignore it hoping that it will get better by itself because it will not. It will simply die. Just pick it up, keep it warm and take it to someone who is willing to help it.

We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to Chapelfield Vet Clinic in Wymondham for the wonderful care they have been giving our hedgehogs free of charge. Thank you

Hedgehog videos can be seen on the Hedgehog Diaries page
Updated 11th July 2017